Con of the North 2016 After Action Report

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BareBonesTM Wuxia! has come a long ways and I couldn’t wait to try it out on new players. I ran two sessions at Con of the North, each with a different wuxia adventure.

I created pre-gens and some handouts and got to use the Destiny cards. Oh and I used a prototype of my Critical Combat Cards. I had run these adventures previously with two groups of players from my home games. So the rough edges were filed off.

Player Reactions Player Reactions were beyond my expectations and hopes. I had room for six players in each session. Six showed up for the first game with three alternates turned away. My second session was on the last day of the con. I still got 4 players and one had gotten a ticket after playing in the first game. He was a huge fan of wuxia RPGs and said BBW! Was very fun! Next time I run these I’ll try to get a better time slot for my second game.

Players grasped the concept and the rules of the game quickly. I think this speaks to the strength of the d00Lite rules. Players in both games applied really good strategies to try and always get the enemy in a disadvantaged defense. My own home players still don’t do this. J

The players made several comments about how smooth the action and RPG flowed. Again I feel this is a strength of d00Lite. They felt the action reflected the heroes and themes of the genre.

I also gained a couple of playtest GMs! Yay!

Rules in Play Observations

Chi really works. This is basically Bag o’ Bones rules 2.0 heavily modified for the wuxia genre. They come across as providing just that extra little effort to make something happen.

Kung Fu
I’ve played a lot of RPGs with martial arts in them. Much of the time I feel like everything I try to do is nerfed. Often the martial arts are restrictive or the rules they are based on are trying to do too much corralling of my ideas on how to use them. And at the very worst they try to replicate one person’s concept of a real-world martial arts style. That is just begging for an argument. For BBW! I took the concept of the martial arts maneuvers and they became kung fu techniques that are bundled together to become an internal or external kung fu style. What I have observed through play at this point is that a) players understand and can use kung fu quickly, and b) martial artists of different styles feel different in play. I think what needs to be done is extensive play testing in longer campaign play to see how the various kung fu techniques play out and tweak, add and eliminate where necessary.

Press the Attack
This addition to d00Lite has gotten very positive feedback from players. It is a very simple little addition that has made combat much more dynamic. More on this at a later date.

This one makes players cheer and smile. I think we’ll leave this one alone.

Master Villains
One of the con scenarios involved defeating a Master Villain. Master Villains are designed to be fought by a group of players. They are scalable with the number and rank of players. The same concept is going to be used to create boss monsters for those that want monsters in their wuxia stories.

Length of Battles
Battles were over very quickly or lasted a long time. This is exactly what I was hoping for in this genre. Fights with mooks or a single bad guy are very quick. Fighting a master villain can run many turns.

New Skills
Players found the mystic skill fun. The mystic is a skill that focuses on detecting the harmony of chi in a person, place or thing. While a detective skill will find physical clues, a mystic can find metaphysical ones.

That is all for now. Back to writing, tweaking and playing!



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